Free Standing Metal Soaking Bathtubs – Kali Metal from BLUBleu

Gold, bronze, copper and corten are materials that choose to represent strength and solidity of metal with the lightness and transparency of water in new free standing soaking bathtubs from BluBleu. Kali’ Metal bathtubs could become real jewels of any interior design. The metal dust resins help to create a gorgeous yet comfortable and aesthetic products for luxury home. Inside, tubs are finished with a smooth, white enamel which would take care of body soaking there. Being not only beautiful but also comfortable, Metal’ bathtubs have strategically positioned water jets and co-ordinating headrests on each end of the tub.
If you more a only shower person than you might like BluBleu’s B-Zone contemporary shower cabin.

Kali Metal Similoro

Kali Metal Bronzo

Kali Metal Corten

Kali Metal Rame

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