Sustainable House Design on an Artificial Island – Blue House by FARO Architecten

The Blue House is designed by Dutch architect Pieter Weijnen of FARO Architecten. It’s located on Steigereiland, one of seven artificial islands dredged from Amsterdam’s lJ Lake in IJburg. Its color reminds deep-blue waters that surround it and that’s how it gets its name. The house designed with sustainable use of energy in mind. The large facade facing south allows a lot of light and heat. The cooling system is inspired by old Arabian cooling towers. Air from the house is pumped into an underground pipe from which the cooled air will be led back to the house. Rain water is re-used for the toilet and washing machine. The building is constructed in wood and recycled materials. The beams in the facade are old bollards from the IJ lake. The copper plates on the suspended living room are from a church roof.

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