Mosaic Sculpture Lamp In The Shape Of A Woman

Sicis is an art mosaic factory that creates absolutely incredible things. Now they present a cool collection of lamps in the shape of a woman parading in high fashion garments so the lamp is very glamorous. The lamp is made of mosaic, the designs are attracting attention. Continue reading

Comfortable Lounge Chair And Hammock Hybrid

La Seora hammock was inspired by the most important cultures of Miami: American and Cuba. It’s a hybrid of an American lounge chair and a Cuba hammock, made of plywood and stainless steel. The construction saves your back from round shoulders, takes away the stress that is usually provided by the hammocks of fabric or net. Continue reading

Luxury Custom-Made Wash Basins Made Of Natural Wood by Ammonitum

Those who enjoy the look of natural wood will really be happy to have one of luxury wash basins from German company Ammonitum. The wood that these wash basins are made of looks like the wood that used in interiors of luxury yachts and cars. Continue reading

Minimalist Colorful Storage Furniture For Home And Office

Danish manufacturer Montana Mobler created a collection of modern minimalist storage system. The drawers and doors don’t have any handles, they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. The furniture is available in 42 lacquer colors. Continue reading

LED Glowing Bathtub To Create A Home Spa

This glowing bathtub is designed by Melissa Sopel. It’s inspired by candlelit relaxations and brings color into the bathroom. This bath can be an escape to complete relaxation, allowing the user to indulge their senses with playful color. It illuminates thanks to changing LEDs at the base which can be controlled via control panel. Continue reading

Calm And Cozy Bathroom Design Of Various Tints Of Marble

Today we not always have enough space to accommodate everything but t’s possible to accommodate the necessary things in stylish and practical way. For example, this bathroom doesn’t have much space but it’s very romantic, cozy and calm. There is a shower cabin behind simple glass doors, a bath and a small round sink. Continue reading

Toilet With Integrated Hand Basin

Nowadays even toilets become smarter and smarter. Dual flush toilets which save water aren’t new. Although toilets with integrated hand basins still aren’t available anywhere. At the moment there is only one model by Caroma which was available in Australia whole 2008 year and will be available in North America in first quarter of 2009. Continue reading

Creative Grow Lamp for Home – Photosynthesis Lamp

Photosynthesis is a very creative lamp designed by Meirav Barzilay. It’s probably one of the most simple, practical and effective indoor grow lamps for home. The lamp is made of a metal grid with a vine at its base. All you need is to choose the type of vine and let it create a natural lampshade as it grows. Continue reading

70 Gorgeous Home Office Design Inspirations

If you work at home then you home office should be gorgeous, right? Of course if you haven’t enough space it could be small but nevertheless it should be stylish and practical. This roundup mostly includes home offices that are designed to amaze. They are mostly quite moody and definitely aren’t colorful but each of them could impress your visitors and make you feel proud of yourself. Continue reading

Minimalist Yet Extravagant Wall System

Do you want an extravagant but minimalist chest of drawers? Here you are! Designer Marty Guixe created this fantastic piece for BD Barcelona. This wall system is called Free Port. The designer didn’t want to see strict constructions and his abstract thinking transformed into this piece. Continue reading

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